Probate, Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorney

We’re dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we’re here to help. Customer service and aggressive client advocacy are our touchstone legal values.  We have represented the full continuum of clients ranging from large institutions engaging in complicated financial transactions, to individuals just trying to complete a simple will or defend their home from foreclosure.  From all of this experience, we have found that the most rewarding feeling is to be able to help someone in need.


We’ve represented thousands of clients and have the experience you need.

General 30 minute consultation (L&T, real estate, contract review)
🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Wholesaling 30 min Strategy Session
🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Estate Planning: 30 min Consult Session
🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Estate Litigation: Consult Session
🕐 1 hour 🛒 $150

Wholesale Documents Package 🛒 $250

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