Many real estate brokerages exist, and customers have their pick of realtor agents. Very little difference exists among agents, or at least not overtly to the layperson. We pride ourselves in providing full service brokerage with an emphasis on holistic service: advice on investor ROI, foreclosure alternatives, outlier values, aggressive negotiation strategies, and, most importantly, problem solving. 

The realization that challenges will arise in every real estate transaction – it’s not a whether but rather a when – leads clients to seek the assistance of those who can think outside of the box, negotiate in a mature fashion towards deal resolution and not ad hominem attack, and act with intelligence and sophistication. 

As we like to say in the business, welcome home.

Brian Gormley, Esq. is an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia specializing in real estate, probate, estate litigation and other matters. If you need assistance, please book a free consultation today.