The Probate Process in Maryland



Accounting Reports

The Personal Representative is responsible for filing accounting forms in probate proceedings, which ensures transparency around the estate administration. The accounting forms tell the court about costs, distributions and other expenses related to the administration of the estate.

The Information Report

In an earlier post we talked about the responsibilities of a Personal Representative. We mentioned a long list of things the Personal Representative may be tasked with handling, and in this post we’ll tell you about a few more: reports that must be filed.

Priority to Serve as Personal Representative in Maryland

You may have noticed from our previous posts that there is an order of priority for personal representatives in Maryland. That means that under the law, certain persons may be appointed over others depending on the circumstances and depending on the relationship to the decedent.

Responsibilities of a Personal Representative

Being named as Personal Representative can be a big deal, and it’s important to discuss this with the person you’re considering naming before you finalize your documents. For starters, this person should be familiar with what you want done with your assets after you die, and also because it can be a lot of responsibility.

The Probate Process in Maryland: Wills and Probate

This is Part 3 in our series on the probate process in Maryland. Despite what you might have seen on TV or in movies about a dramatic “reading of the will” after someone dies, you might be surprised to learn that a will only governs probate assets.