A well drafted and organized estate plan is something we all try to avoid discussing. Unfortunately, because we live in denial as to our own mortality, we put off what is an essential part of our legacy. Our children and the others in the next generation will only appreciate our taking the time and resources to think through how we will distribute our assets well after we are gone. To do this wisely, a bit of prudence is necessary. You must sit down with a bigger picture mindset and consider all of your assets and resources. It is wise to reassess your financial condition every two or so years. If there are significant changes in your life, such as the birth of a new child or a marriage, it is wise to evaluate at that time where you currently stand.

Estate planning is more than just drafting a will. It involves planning for disability as well as legacy. Disability of course occurs when you can no longer manage your own financial affairs. Legacy involves transferring not just assets, but also wisdom, opportunity and resources to the next generation or those who survive you. Of course, there is also an aspect to estate planning of asset protection. Read more about that on our asset protection page here. The last thing you want is for your loved ones to have a diminution of estate value because you failed to adequately plan. Please take this opportunity to sit down and think big picture about where you are now and where you want to go in the future. We can help you get there.

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