Four More Ways to Stop Inheritance Theft in Your Family

In our previous post, we talked about some ways you can prevent inheritance theft in your family. Since there are so many ways this type of theft can occur, the steps to take to prevent this from happening can vary. If you have a strained relationship with a parent or live a long distance away, it can be difficult to get access to many of the documents we mentioned in our previous post.

There are other options, however, so don’t give up! If you think you or your family member or loved one may be a victim of inheritance theft, here are some other steps you can take to prevent inheritance theft:

1)         The most important step you can take, especially if you don’t have access to financial or legal documents, is to consult with an estate planning or probate attorney. An attorney experienced in these matters can offer additional advice and steps to protect yourself or your family member.

2)         To the extent you can, stay involved with your parent or loved one. Helping them with their day-to-day activities means you’ll probably be the first one to know about any challenges or problems they are having, and it may prevent outsiders from taking advantage of your loved one.

3)         Discuss with your parent or loved one to consider giving you financial power of attorney to help them manage their financial affairs.

4)         If your parent or loved one is incapacitated, consider a conservatorship or guardianship (or both) proceeding. This ensures there is oversight into your parent’s financial affairs in a conservatorship, and a guardianship allows oversight into other things, such as medical decisions, day-to-day care and more.

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