Real estate investors need an investor friendly attorney in their corner. Whether it’s help structuring deals, closing transactions, solving problems or just giving solid legal advice when things get dicey, a good investor friendly attorney can make the difference between getting your deal done and losing opportunities. PLEASE don’t be left out in the cold to struggle. While we may not be able to fix every problem, we are here to help, and can get many issues resolved that would otherwise stump would-be deal participants.

We urge you to check out our Mentoring page as well, which has a number of great resources, including real estate courses from A to Z, private coaching and joint venture opportunities. We love to partner with other like-minded investors (we have done a number of deals ourselves) to create win-win growth potential. The pie is not finite, so there is no fear of losing a deal or trying to undermine others who are benefiting the larger public by presenting solutions to common real estate needs. Please explore the resources available on this site and don’t be bashful – get in touch!

Brian Gormley, Esq. is an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia specializing in real estate, probate, estate litigation and other matters. If you need assistance, please book a consultation today.