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General Consultation (L&T, real estate, contract review)

If you have just a few questions to get pointed in the right direction or are unsure if you need an attorney, a general consult may be the right next step. All questions welcome on landlord-tenant, real estate or contract review, or if you have other specific concerns, feel free to raise them!

🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Wholesaling Strategy Session

New to real estate investing? Want to learn wholesaling? Testing the waters and looking for some expert guidance on best practices in assigning contracts? You are in the right place – sign up below and get your questions answered by an attorney/investor/broker who has done it all.

🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Estate Planning: Consult Session

An effective estate plan accomplishes many goals – leaving your assets to those you love (and not to those you don’t, including the government), minimizing tax liability, maintaining privacy and avoiding intra-family disputes after you pass away – just to name a few. We see these issues all the time and want to assist you in avoiding the associated problems. What greater gift can you give to your family and friends than peace of mind?

🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Estate Litigation: Consult Session

People turn funny about money. Fraud, greed and outright theft happens all the time. If you need assistance obtaining justice and fairness in your family, please sign up below. Our goal is restoration of family relations, but we aren’t afraid to unleash the closet bulldog litigator when necessary.

🕐 30 minutes 🛒 $150

Wholesale Documents Package

Do you know what you are doing in wholesaling but just want a bullet proof set of documents to take and apply to your investing business?

🛒 $250