Many people delay drafting a will simply because they do not want to engage or think about their own mortality. This is a huge mistake. Future generations with you and your family are counting on you to adequately prepare and devise your resources to your family. Without a will, people in your family will fight and argue and as a result also squander resources that could have been theirs. No one wants a protracted court battle or fight among potential heirs, especially if some heirs are more deserving or needy than others. Please take the opportunity afforded by this Reminder Page to get started today. It is actually much easier than you think. Sitting down and simply thinking about who you want to inherit what assets can be a fun and surprisingly easy process.

Nominating a personal representative is one of the most important tasks. The personal representative acts as a fiduciary over the distribution of your estate. Therefore, you want someone who you can trust and who will act objectively in carrying out your instructions. Too many times we have seen personal representatives get greedy and take advantage of others. There is certainly a potential for someone to manipulate access and wills when given the opportunity. Therefore, it is crucial that the personal representative have strong integrity and high moral values. Frequently the personal representative is also one of the biggest shareholders in the estate. A spouse or child makes for a wise selection, but they are not a necessary selection. Sometimes a completely neutral third-party makes the most sense in order to avoid disputes among the various heirs. Feel free to book a consultation today to discuss this and other important matters about the estate planning process.

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